Thursday, November 1, 2018

Singing with Luke

Every performance opportunity is such a blessing and joy to me, but it is especially exciting when I get to perform with my amazing son. He is so talented and so special. What a joy to share music with him! We recently had the chance to perform for the Industry Network Showcase in Las Vegas, and the producer called us "The Hit of the Show!" It was such a fun and exciting experience for Luke and me and we are looking forward to more adventures like this!

Click the link to see some clips!

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Kim said...

Oh Lyndsi, you have been such a great blessing in my life with your music. The first time I heard you was in st. George at the park on flood street. You were the entertainment there and your music touched my soul. After you were done I went up to you because I had to have your CD. You said I think my mom has some in her car and so we were able to get one. I have watched for your music the past 14 years making sure that I get your latest because I know it will be incredible. I'm so excited that you and your son get to touch lives while you share music together. Thank you for helping me through your music.