Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A Moment

As a recording artist, writing music is always a treasured experience for me... but there have been occasional moments when the songs that come to my heart feel uniquely special, and even sacred. Some of these songs I have shared with only a few, namely those who have inspired them, and I have kept them close to me in an effort to honor their sacred nature. But then I realize that some of these most special songs may be the ones that can comfort and bless the lives of others the most. Two beautiful angels will always be in my heart whenever I sing this song, but I know there are many other beautiful angels who may be remembered and cherished as loved ones hear these words. That is my sincere prayer... Remembering always Kycie and Amelia, and thanking their families for allowing me the chance to share in the love and honoring of their precious angels. #kissesforkycie
Listen to A Moment.