Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Hero I Know

I recently performed for a Girls Camp in Heber Valley and my talented friend, Melanie, was so kind to join me for this fireside.
The sweet leaders of this stake chose "A Hero I Know" from my Stay True CD as their theme song. When their YW sang this to
open the evening, it invited an incredibly special spirit, and I felt so humbled to be there. I was so blessed to have these amazing
and very supportive ladies with me: (from the left) my sister's dear friend, Diesta, my wonderful sister, Marci, me,
sweet Melanie, and her wonderful sister, Cynthia.

It was a very special evening, and you can see our closing performance of "A Hero I Know" 


Melanie and Curtis said...

Lyndsi, how wonderful! Thanks for putting this up! It was so fun to hear you perform this again. Ofcourse it is more beautiful than anything and you can feel of your radiant spirit. Thanks for letting me be the lucky one to play for you and thanks for taking this picture. These are some great women in our lives! Love you!

mompratt said...

YOU DEVOTIONAL WAS AMAZING AND I WAS ONE OF THE BLESSED LEADERS TO BE THERE AND EXPERIENCE THIS!!! SO thank you so much for taking your time to come and do this for our stake. We loved it and the spirit was amazing. Two of our young women really, really want to sing "A Hero I know" this Sunday.... ANY chance you could help us find or get the sheet music for this song? I would appreicate it if you could help me with any direction on this... THANKS AGAIN it was amazing..... Stacy (801) 735-8357.