Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sheet Music for "STRONG and SURE"

Click here for sheet music and mp3 of "Strong & Sure"!


Melanie and Curtis said...

AWESOME Lynds! I just love this song. Can I just have some of your song writing abilities?!! You totally amaze me. I love you!

Megan Seegmiller said...
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M said...

Hi Lyndsi,

Thanks for making the sheet music for "Strong and Sure" available! I'm planning on singing this song for an upcoming YW event.

By any chance, do you have sheet music for this song in a higher key? I'm a soprano and have a little difficulty singing some of the lower notes. If you do have a copy in a higher key, could you please email it to me? If not, I can easily do the work and transpose the music into the key of G.

Monica Bowen