Friday, August 21, 2009

Play Ball!!!

I was lucky to get to sing the National Anthem to open a recent baseball game. It was a unique opportunity - something a bit different than I usually do, so I wanted to make note of it here. My little Luke was so excited to wave to me from the stands. Afterward he asked, "Mom - you are Lyndsi Houskeeper?" I guess when they announced me he was just expecting them to say, "Luke's mom," which I would probably prefer. :) That little boy always makes me smile.


Melanie and Curtis said...

SO cool! You definitely are THE Lyndsi Houskeeper and we are so lucky and blessed to know you. Way to do Luke proud! We love you too!

Josie said...

Lynds, I am cracking up! I can just hear Luke saying that! What a sweetie! I love it! Wish I could have been there to hear you, hopefully you'll get to do it again and we can be there to cheer for you. I am SO lucky to have Lyndsi Houskeeper as one of my best friends!

I am still laughing!

Maggie said...

AWW! That is so cute!